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1) In order to determine whether phage treatment will be effective for your condition, we have to match the appropriate phage to your bacteria. For that reason, we have to get a bacterial sample isolated from your source of infection. That can be done in two ways:


• Solution A.
Ask your doctor or nurse to take a swab from your infection site and send it to our representative in New York:

EPNY, Lab. Department,

68-29 Springfield Blvd

Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

OR ,

Send it directly to us in Georgia

3, Gotua Street, Tbilisi 0160,
Georgia ( Europe)

• Solution B.
We send you a “do it yourself” kit, which you would send back to us with the sample of the bacteria. For this option, please send us a your name, address, telephone number, brief description of your problem and money order or certified check for the amount of $15.00 (shipping & handling fee) to the address above. We will then send you a sterile swab with a transport container and detailed instruction on how to collect and handle the sample, which you would then send back to us.

2. We will then attempt (free of charge) to find the phage matching your Superbug;

3. We will inform you within 7 days about the results of matching, which could be:

a. We have a matching phage for your bacteria, and you can start treatment immediately; (Most likely answer)

We have a phage active against your bacteria, but have to breed it to become more aggressive; This will take 2-3 weeks before you can start treatment;

Unfortunately we could not locate phages against your strains of bacteria. Even if we have a matching phage, we do not guarantee the outcome of your treatment, as it could depend on different factors, like: accuracy of taking a swab, condition of your Immune system, stage of the disease, virulence of the bacteria etc. (Most unlikely answer)

If we have phages matching your bacteria, you have two choices of treatment :

choice 1. Most Effective:
Treatment in Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe), in a modern hospital with the most experienced team of doctors and nurses, and a possibility to alter the combination of phages from the richest collection in the world;

We shall help you to organize your trip. You will be met in Tbilisi and assisted in every possible way by an experienced guide. You and your companion will have a choice of staying in the hospital, 2-5 star hotel or 1-2 bedroom apartment.

Here are the approximate expenses you will incur ( Calculated on the most common - two weeks long treatment basis):

Roundtrip New York – Tbilisi – New York : $1100-$1500 depending on Season and Carrier;

Hotel: - $ 40 to $340/ day


1-2 bedroom furnished apartment: - $500 per two weeks

Meals: - $ 20 to $30/day

English speaking Driver with a car: - $80/day or $800 per two weeks;

Outpatient treatment cost varies according to patient condition , but at average is $450/day ($ 5000 per two weeks), all phages and materials inclusive.

Thus, two weeks treatment with airplane tickets ( patient +1) lodging, meals and car service will cost approximately:

Tickets (2 persons) $2,500
Apartment $ 500
Car Service $ 800
Meals $ 420
Miscellaneous $ 280
Treatment $5,000
Total: $9,500

About Georgia
From a tourist's point of view, Georgia is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world, and Georgians are famous for their hospitality. People who visit Georgia usually fall in love with it. To learn more about Georgia » click HERE.

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choice 2. Alternative :
Treatment in the USA, where treatment with our phage medication is performed under the supervision of your doctor. As the medical use of phages is not yet FDA approved, the treatment can be performed only with a written consent of you and your doctor. (FDA Regulatory Procedures Manual; Chapter 9: Import Operations And Actions).

» You can download the doctor and patient consent form HERE.

Fill out and send the signed originals together with a medical report (describing your disease and current condition), and after our doctors decide what form, dose and amount of the medicine you need for initial treatment, we will send you the Instructions and recommendations for using Eliava Phage medicine, together with an invoice.
Upon receiving payment, depending on the matching results, we will send you the medicine either standard medicine or a treatment specially produced for you.